E³ Learning

Offered by Thompson School District

Portfolio Phase 2

1. Learn the difference between pages and posts.

2. Create a page for each activity/course/skill.

  • You can save them as a draft until you are ready to publish them.

3. Create a post to document your learning for the week.

  • Add media (like photos, files, and links).
  • You can use shortcodes… it’s worthwhile to learn some of them.

4. Learn about copyright and use appropriate sites to gather images.

5. Add links.

6. Add sidebar widgets.

  • About.me widget (13+)
    • Use your image/background.
    • Check the box to add social icons.
  • Categories
  • Tag Cloud
  • Search
  • Links
    • Add at least your ‘school’ links to the bottom of your sidebar.

You are now on your way with WordPress and your digital portfolio! We expect you to be learners…. we will not teach you everything you need to know about your blog. It is up to you now to explore, engage, and expand your blog beyond these initial instructions. You should bookmark the following site before moving on to phase 3 (which is a small introduction to coding your website):

WordPress.com Support