E³ Learning

Offered by Thompson School District

Portfolio Phase 1

Phase 1 Tips:

  • Use a professional URL. (For example, yourname.wordpress.com.)
  • Use your name as the site title… this is like an online resume.
  • Select a theme that will showcase your work. (Simple is usually better for portfolios… but that rule can be broken depending on your work.)

1. Review online portfolios with your advisor.

  • Review Portfolio Sites, paying attention to the three examples on the bottom. Go to those sites, look around, and pay particular attention to the “About” and “Contact” pages.
  • Watch “Blogs in Plain English” (2:58). WordPress is a blogging platform, and your portfolio will have a blog component through your weekly learning log.

2. Create your portfolio site.

(If you want to purchase a domain name, you can do so for $25.)

3. Watch welcome video & fix your general settings.

(Go to Dashboard>Settings>General)

  • Site Title (your name)
  • Tagline
  • Timezone
  • Date format

4. Select a theme.

  • Dashboard>Appearance>Themes
  • WordPress.com has both free and premium themes. Find a free theme that works for you. Search by color or style to help you narrow down your choices.

5. Edit your “About” page.

  • Go to Dashboard>Pages>About.
  • Click the  “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” button above the white writing area on the far right…. magically, this gives you more options to use in your writing. Explore these features as you write the page.
  • Talk to your parents and advisor about appropriate information to have public on the web
  • Upload an image and write a short bio detailing your interests and passions.
  • Edit, edit, edit. Ask friends, family, and/or your advisor to help you. Misspellings and poor writing on this page are a huge negative.

6. Create your “Contact” page.

  • Add a new page and name it “Contact”. (Dashboard>Pages>Add New or top drop down menu New>Page)
  • Use the “Add Contact Form “button to allow people to email you through your site without sharing your email publicly.
  • Add at least one parent and your advisor (as well as yourself) to your feedback form Email Notifications and in the title say “Your Name Portfolio Contact Form”.

7. Create a Custom Menu to display on your page.

  • Include About and Contact.

8. Add your about.me widget to the sidebar.