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Anodizing Plug Project

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Dustyn is working with Cal Pierce of Far Away Creations here in Loveland. He came to us with the highly specialized passion learning need of prop design and creation. We absolutely hit the jackpot when we found Cal and his company! I love the step-by-step problem solving and solution Dustyn has documented in this post. Outstanding work! ~Diane

Step-Stone Prop Productions Blog

A customer came to me to help solve a problem with their anodizing process. The part is very complex and requires a lot of masking and painting to correctly plate the part. The idea behind this project is to see if we can develop a re-usable silicone plug to improve the process.


IMG_2145 I began putting clay around the part.

IMG_2146 Forming the base for the mold.

IMG_2147 Made a wall for the mold.

IMG_2150 Used a lug-nut to add to the cavity to leave a stem to help pull the plug into the part.

IMG_2153 Poured resin into clay mold to form the secondary mold for the silicone.

IMG_2154 Resin mold with clay removed.

IMG_2155 Using a Dremel tool, I put draft around the top of the mold to help remove the silicone plug due to an O-ring groove in the part.


IMG_2156 Mixing up 125 ounces of silicone to pour the plug.


IMG_2169 Pulling…

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