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A Letter To My Best Friend

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Thoughtful words of encouragement to a treasured friend from E3 blogger, Caleb Jordan. ~Diane

Caleb Jordan

Dear Best Friend,

Life is hard. Life will push you down, kick you to the curb, and leave you to rot. But don’t give up yet. Life has given you so much. Life has given you to me and me to you and that is more than I could ever ask for.

I know that friends can be bitter, salty, and downright mean. They’ll tell you, “You can’t do it.”

But you are an amazing, beautiful, strong person. And sometimes don’t need no man.

You are the one that can prove them wrong by your actions and words. You are much better than them because they are filled with jealousy and hatred. They believe that they need to stand up for “family” by tearing you down. They’re wrong. They are self-conscious, conceived, and low-self esteemed. These are the people that will sooner or later be pushed down, kicked to the…

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Author: diane mcinturff

I am a Gifted/Talented Specialist and lifelong educator/learner. I love my life in beautiful northern Colorado!

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