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Myth of the Mysterious Dragon

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Myth of the Mysterious Dragon

            There once was a kingdom where a mysterious dragon lived. At the bottom of the hill he lay. He took thousands of beautiful women to feast on and knights had attempted to slay him but no one made it out alive. The dragon had outsmarted the knights with fire breath and sharp scales that broke even the sharpest of knives.

King Krawl had no choice and feared his princess was next. So he said whomever can slay the dragon can marry the princess. Very soon almost every man tried to slay the dragon and so far just like the others, they all died.

Until one day, a shoemaker’s apprentice had a brilliant idea. Instead of slaying the dragon, why not poison him. So he took a lamb and stuffed it with sulfur and tar and set it at the foot of the cave.


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Author: diane mcinturff

I am a Gifted/Talented Specialist and lifelong educator/learner. I love my life in beautiful northern Colorado!

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